Louis Goldberg Library Book Supplier: Find/order government publications, conference proceedingsÖ
Louis Goldberg Books is the premier place to find and order government publications, out-of-print books, conference proceedings, theses, rare & hard-to-find books, and more. Since 1951, we have offered book finder services to library institutions nationwide.

We have the flexibility to accommodate whatever system you use. Invoices are included in every shipment and can be customized to meet your needs for easy processing. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. It is our desire to serve you in every capacity.

We are in constant contact with publishers and over the years have compiled a large database of resources. Our staff keeps special contact with you concerning the status of every book on order. Any inquiry you make receives careful and prompt attention.

If you are looking for a professional library book finder or distributor, you have come to the right place.

Rare book finder services, out-of-print books, rare hard-to-find booksÖ
Welcome to Goldberg Books! Our 55 years of continuous business offers you a rare combination of economical service and reliability.

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Louis Goldberg Library Book Supplier is the place to find and order government publications, conference proceedings, thesis papers, rare books, out-of-print books, and more. "If we can't find it, nobody can."